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Students in Year 9 and 10 have a lot more input into their subject selections. With a vast number of elective subjects on offer, students are able to construct a timetable that comprises of subjects that reflect both their strengths and interests.

TLSC facilitates many extra-curricular programs, within the context of TLSC and beyond.


Students in the Middle Years Sub-School also begin to plan their future pathways, within the context of TLSC and beyond. Through an extensive Course Counselling process, students are equipped with the information they need to, in conjunction with their families and the College, make an informed decision about whether they pursue a VCE or VCAL pathway in their later years of schooling.

TLSC facilitates many extra-curricular programs for Middle Years students, with an emphasis on wellbeing and strengthening their ability to learn independently and collaboratively. TLSC offers camps, excursions, incursions, and Home Group days, with a focus on offering additional educational opportunities, building connectedness and supporting mental health.

Additional programs offered to Middle Years students include the Student Leadership Program, Hands-on Learning Program, School Café program, and a school for Student Leadership with a small group of Year 9 students run off-campus for one term, that promotes leadership, resilience and self-efficacy.

Diagnostic testing and ongoing monitoring helps ensure our students receive the dedicated support they require to stay actively engaged and are able to progress in their learning.

Through the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Program, the Middle School sets high expectations for students, and promotes positive and respectful behaviour in all school settings. We aim to prepare students with the skills and attributes to be come life-long learners as they explore the opportunities that exist beyond the Middle Years at TLSC.


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