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Opening hours:

8:15am – 4:30pm


Vince Antonetti

Penny Earl

Peter Budisavljevic

Susan Strolla

Natalie Montalto


Our staff are dedicated to promoting digital literacy and to empowering students to become creative, curious and critical 21st century learners and thinkers. As well as being centrally located, our library is the heart of the school.

The Infiniti catalogue provides students and staff with the ability to search for books online as well as access to a curated collection of educational websites and Wheelers eBooks. Our extensive collection comprising fiction novels, non-fiction, quick reads and graphic novels is suitable for a range of reading levels and interests. The loan period is three weeks, although loans can be extended if required.

ClickView online enables teachers and students to access educational video content that has been created and aligned to the junior and senior curriculum as well as programs sourced from cable and free to air television. NewsBank is an online news database that provides a news archive as well as access to current editions of the Age and Herald-Sun.

The Library is a vibrant, inclusive and crucial part of the learning community at Taylors Lakes Secondary College.  Our vision is to foster an ongoing love of reading, to provide an attractive space that it is safe, nurturing and welcoming and to promote a stimulating environment that is supportive of learning. Our busy library provides an extensive range of print and digital resources that supports the learning and teaching goals of our school and regularly hosts events and library related activities.