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Students at TLSC have the opportunity to attend wonderful camps across years 7-12.  These are a great opportunity to form new friendships and build resilience whilst experiencing new activities in some beautiful settings!  

Year 7: Alexandra Adventure Resort - Whanregarwen

Year 8: The Summit - Trafalgar

Year 9: Kinglake Forest Adventures - Kinglake West

Year 10: Gold Coast Tour - Gold Coast Performance Centre

Year 12: Camp Howqua – Mansfield

In addition to these year-level camps, other subject and program specific camps and tours run, such as:

  • Overseas homestay tours to Japan and Italy (each in alternate years) to support our College language programs.

  • The Kanga Cup in Canberra to support our soccer program

  • The Alpine Food Tour to support our year 10 Sweet Dreams program

  • Various overnight camps and daytrips to support our Outdoor Education Program

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