The School’s Sports Program welcomes students of all ages and abilities. On top of our Annual Athletics and Swimming Carnival extravaganzas, private sporting tournaments and friendlies, we are also an affiliate of the Department of Education’s peak sporting body, School Sport Victoria (SSV). Their interschool sports format delivers the majority of our external sporting affairs and fosters student health and wellbeing through friendly and competitive fun. Through this our students have regularly participated in:


  • Football (Soccer)

  • Futsal

  • AFL

  • Basketball

  • Netball

  • Volleyball

  • Lawn Bowls

  • Tennis

  • Track and Field

  • Swimming

  • Cricket

Interschool Sports


Taylors Lakes' comprehensive School Sports Program promotes an inclusive and sporting culture for all. We coach more than 18 sports and provide students opportunities to develop team-building skills beyond the classroom. The program further expands into our annual Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, where our staff and students bring their House spirit to engage in some friendly competition.

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