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IT Overview


Student access to IT resources within Taylors Lakes Secondary College requires a Network Account

Accounts are created when the student enrolment is complete.

Username: All students are given a "Cases ID". This is unique to each student and is used as their username. Cases ID's are in the format ABC0001.

Password: Students are provided with a password. This is unique to their username.

This account gives access to school IT resources - School computers, Email, Compass.

School Network Computers

Students are required to login with their username and password. Each year level is given access to resources for their curriculum requirements.

School related files can be stored on the school network, and are accessible within the school.

Taylors Lakes Secondary College Email

The school provides a MS Exchange email service. Users can access their email using a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari).

Student email addresses are their username -

Web based mail access – Office365 Access

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