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Enrolment at Taylors Lakes Secondary College occurs in accordance with the Department of Education (DE&T) Placement Policy.


Students are enrolled at the college by the following criteria:


  • students for whom the school is the designated neighbourhood government school

  • students who no longer live locally, that have a sibling at the same permanent residence who is attending the school at the same time.

  • students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds, where it is not provided by the student’s nearest government school


All other students are prioritised by how close their permanent residence is to the college.


Victorian Government primary schools will issue the official Application for Enrolment forms to all students at the school they are attending.

The DE&T will notify schools of the timeline for the Transition program and all families at the Primary school will be contacted. Once you have received and completed those forms you must return them via the Primary School. This process generally commences around March/April each year. Enquiries should be directed to the Primary School at this stage.


Applications from children not at Government Primary or Catholic Primary schools (Independent School Application for Enrolment) should be forwarded directly to:

Enrolments, Taylors Lakes Secondary College, PO Box 2374, Taylors Lakes, VIC 3038.


A lot of time is placed during this time into ensure the transition process is smooth for all new students. It is important to us that we work with primary schools to gather information that will assist us in appropriately organising resources and programs.

Each year, tours of the College are conducted to coincide with the Year 7 Transition Program and Parents/Guardians of prospective students in Grade 5 and 6 are invited to attend. Please note that these tours are Year 7 specific and run from March to May.

Guided tours of the College take place each Wednesday morning at 9.30am and are a great way to familiarise yourself with the College’s facilities, environment and culture. The tours are approximately an hour long and take place during class time so that you can see our students and teachers in action. This is also an opportunity for parents and students to ask questions.  Bookings are essential.  Please use the contact form below.

For any other information in regards to the Year 6 - 7 Enrolment at Taylors Lakes Secondary College please leave us a message below.

Question about Year 6 into Year 7 transition? Get In Touch here.

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