As students progress into and through the Senior School, they continue to develop a number of skills including self-discipline, resilience and academic rigour. These are essential skills which enable them to become life-long learners.

The Senior School sets high expectations of all students in the areas of classroom participation, work ethic and behaviour. The college provides special programs of academic and personal support including study camps, educational workshops, holiday revision and exam preparation programs to support students in their final years of schooling. In addition, dedicated and comprehensive pathway support is provided to our Senior School students to assist them to move from us into a secure pathway in further education or employment.


The Senior School is based on students choosing a learning pathway of VCE or VCAL.

Through the VCE pathway, students choose to study a wide range of studies. Students are expected and encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their own learning and to work closely with their teachers. Particular emphasis is put on preparing students for the range and type of assessment tasks, in particular, exams.

Through the VCAL pathway, students who are seeking vocationally oriented career options such as apprenticeships, traineeships or moving on to employment are provided a flexible approach to their education and training. It aims to provide the skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable students to make informed choices regarding work and further education.

Ongoing monitoring helps ensure our students receive the dedicated support they require to stay actively engaged and are able to progress in their learning. 

Through the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Program, the Senior School sets high expectations for students, and promotes positive and respectful behaviour in all school settings.  We aim to prepare students with the skills and attributes to become life-long learners as they explore the opportunities that exist beyond the Senior Years at TLSC.