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Taylors Lakes Secondary College is located approximately 22 kilometres north west of the Melbourne CBD. The school is a well-established 7-12 College offering a broad range of curriculum options. These options have been expanded through the Learning Enhancement and Advancement Program (LEAP) and the Football (AFL/Soccer) Academy. A diverse range of co-curricular programs across leadership, sports and camps are available at all levels to a student population of over 1400 students. School uniform is compulsory. Other sections of the website outline the academic, student wellbeing programs, student management and co-curricular programs in more detail.

The school is well served with public transport routes from surrounding suburbs. The 476 Plumpton to Moonee Ponds buses along with the 419 St Albans – Watergardens buses stop at the front of the College. In addition, the 421 St Albans – Watergardens bus services pass the college. Other bus routes and the Sunbury line Metro train service connect at Watergardens railway station. In addition, there are several special buses to and from the Plumpton area before and after school.

At the College we have always maintained a strong belief in the importance of a strong professional development culture for staff to best ensure students have every opportunity to do their best at school. Professional learning within the college is strongly linked to the Strategic Plan and building the school's capacity to respond to student learning needs, to ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn something new every day. Students have access to technology to enable access to online learning as required is very important. We currently have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scheme for all students across the college. Of course, the major emphasis of this program is not the device as such, but rather the opportunities these devices open up to enhance student learning opportunities.


Provide as many opportunities for students in support of their learning.

Over the last few years, we have rapidly developed our facilities, primarily through locally funded projects, including the opening of the Inclusion Centre, Instrumental Music and Dance Performance Centre, extended office/counselling and administration facilities, Futsal courts and the Food Technology facilities upgrade. Furthermore, we have also completed significant landscaping projects, the installation of additional student seating and the erection of new external and internal fencing around the college and around the college oval, in line with child safety requirements. These projects support our focus on ensuring that we can provide as many opportunities for students in support of their learning as we can.

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