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LEAP Program

The Learning Enhancement and Advancement Program (LEAP) is program specifically designed to engage high ability students. This program takes in a cohort of 25 students each year. The program is designed for students who need an additional academic challenge. The program is strongly grounded in the key research on supporting gifted and talented students.  This program acknowledged that students have strengths in different areas and a one size fits all acceleration model that simply focuses on moving through all the curriculum areas faster, is not the answer for supporting students. Our program values individual difference and focuses on ensuring students are challenged at their point of need. All the staff that work within this program have participated in training on meeting the academic and wellbeing needs of highly able students.

Applications for students in Grade 6 open early in each year. Please contact the College if you are interested in applying for the LEAP program. The application process begins with an application form with sections to be completed by the student, family and a teacher from their Primary School who knows them well, ACER HAST Testing and providing copies of your school report and Grade 5 NAPLAN data.


DET High Ability Program

This year the Department of Education (DET) has launched a new program which aims to provide students with access to a wide range of extension programs across many different curriculum areas and for all students from Foundation to Year 12. This program allows us to provide further challenge and extension opportunities to a wide range of students across the College.


More Information

If you are wanting to find out more about these programs please feel free to contact the staff below


Sasha Mildenhall – Assistant Principal


Maria Lelekakis– LEAP Leader


Elizabeth Green – High Abilities Program Leader

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