Literacy and Numeracy Support

From the time any student enrols at our College we make every effort  to identify student strengths and also any issues in terms of their learning development.  Baseline testing in Literacy & Numeracy provides a starting point for our work. This is further supported by other available data such as NAPLAN and school assessments as the student progresses. 

A range of programs operates to provide targeted support for students with identified learning needs.  We operate support programs in both English and Mathematics at years 7&8.  In year 9 Mathematics a Group Numeracy Strategy is activated.  In years 9&10 the Group Literacy Strategy (GLS) as well as Individual Literacy Support programs operate.  In addition to supporting this program with skilled teachers in these areas, we employ three Education Support staff to assist students in focused literacy skill acquisition.




Program for Students with Disabilities and Impairments

Our Program for Students with Disabilities and Impairments is well supported with a mix of fully qualified Special Education teachers and a team of Education Support Staff to provide additional assistance to students in the program.  We have a suite of supports and interventions for a diverse range of learners:

  • Individual Learning Plans for students with additional needs

  • Optional extended transition for Grade 6 students

  • Inclusion Program run by qualified special education teachers

  • Onsite Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy via a private contractor, including assessments, and additional services for NDIS clients.

  • Referrals for cognitive assessments for funding via Program for Students with Disabilities

  • Referrals and recommendations for external supports

  • Opportunities such as Social Skills Groups, Zones of Regulation learning, and Organisation for Learning, run by our specialist teachers, allied health, and wellbeing teams

  • In-class supports such as modified and differentiated curriculum, teachers’ aides where appropriate

  • Student Support Group meetings

  • Literacy Intervention


We work with students and their families to ensure the right supports are implemented, in order for students to make progress both academically, and socio-emotionally.

Homework/Tutorial Sessions

A key support option available to all students is the Homework Club evenings held in the College Library.  These operate on Wednesday after school until 4 p.m. with a junior school emphasis and on Thursday after school until 4.45 with a senior school emphasis. At these sessions many teachers offer voluntary support to students with their work.  In addition, the Library is open for student use until at least 4.30 each day after school and many students also take the opportunity to work with friends on set work at these times.